Winter opening times : 10am-4pm weekdays : 10am-5pm weekends

Please Note: Whilst the building work for the new Educational & Visitor Facilities is going on, the pier is still accessible for people with wheelchairs etc. However, some plaques may not be accessible for cleaning near to the Toll House end of the pier, due to the temporary scaffolding ramp in place.

Work on the new Educational & Visitor Facilities has commenced

Whilst the building works are going on we have moved the Toll House to one of the portacabins outside. From here you will be able to buy your tickets for the pier and gain access via our 'walk the plank'
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NewClevedon Pier Catering Provision

Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust are seeking a partner to run the catering in the new facilities on the Pier, which will be complete in September 2015.
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Shopping at the Pier

Whilst the building of the new visitors facility is ongoing, the gift shop has now moved to Waterloo House, #4 The Beach (the old heritage centre).
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